When we lived in Newport, New Hampshire, we lived adjacent to the town
common. This is how it appeared a few years back when we went to
Newport to visit. The house that looks like it has raised eyebrows
(off to the right!) is where we used to live. Here is a partial list of all the houses we lived in when we were
growing up (with a few corrections). The list is from the front of
my old Bible, which I updated frequently as a kid. As time permits,
I will try to add Google maps to go along with these images. 47 Forest Park, Apt. 4 Portland, Maine (New England) 98 Summit Street Pawtucket, Rhode Island (New England) ___ Main Street Newport, New Hampshire (New England) 127 Laurel Street Newport, New Hampshire 37 Park Street Newport, New Hampshire ( - '62) 11261 San Mateo Drive (West Coast) Loma Linda, California ('62 - '62) 24535 San Marcos Drive Loma Linda, California ('62 - '64) 13609 1/4 Lemo1i Street Hawthorne, California ('64 - '64) 813 East Nutwood Street Inglewood, California ('64 - '65) Also, here is a picture from Google's "Street View" that seems to indicate this house is still standing: 523 McCormick Court Capitola, California ('65 - '65) 1239 Susan Lane Santa Cruz - Live Oak District - California ('65 - '66) 5212 Kent Drive Bakersfield, California ('66 - '67) 47 Garfield Lane Napa, California ('67 - '68) 1325 Hestia Way Napa, California ('68 '71) 19 West Acacia Way Battle Creek Michigan ('71 '73) 101 North Fairview Street Niles, Michigan ('73 - )

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