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Hi Mom and Dad!
Thursday, 6 November 2003
Early Christmas
Hi Mom and Dad and everyone else,

We're getting all revved up for our trip to see you the first week in December. Coming from here are at least four of us (Diane, me, Mikey, and Alex), with possibly five, if Rachel thinks she can safely miss school for two days.

David and Babs are coming, and the Haneys of course will be there too... and, from what I understand, Lisa and Devin will make an appearance as well.

So, it's our plan -- the moment Diane and I arrive on Friday afternoon, Dec. 7th -- to go out and buy a huge Christmas tree and decorate your house in high style! Then we'll all be ready for an early Christmas at some point over the weekend.

Love, Bob

Posted by alfredhanscom at 5:36 AM EST
Sunday, 26 October 2003
Peter Pan was here

Posted by alfredhanscom at 10:31 AM EDT
Updated: Wednesday, 29 October 2003 5:53 PM EST
Saturday, 25 October 2003

Hi everyone -- Mom won't be on the computer for a while, as she's been admitted to Memorial Hospital again. But here's her bedside phone number there:

(423) 495-8506 (room 506)

Hope you're all doing well (and would someone tell Tom and Carol to get their internet up and running already?!)! Love, Alan

Posted by alfredhanscom at 6:34 AM EDT
Friday, 24 October 2003

Love you, too, Rachel! (and everyone else in the family as well). I hope you're enjoying your senior year -- there's three of you graduating this year! Love, Uncle Alan

Posted by alfredhanscom at 5:27 AM EDT
Saturday, 18 October 2003
the mouse that your cats are after

Posted by alfredhanscom at 12:01 PM EDT
Updated: Monday, 20 October 2003 9:44 AM EDT
Friday, 17 October 2003
Hi Grandma and Grandpa...this is Rachel
Uncle Alan..this was a great idea! You are always so good at keeping our family in touch.
Hi grandma and grandpa,
How are you both doing? I am doing well. School is great. My grades are really high right now and I am attempting to get into the top 10 list of students in my class. The top 10 students have the highest grade point averages. I was 12th in my class last year, so I am getting there. I am starting to visit colleges and write college application essays. I cannot believe that I am going to be graduating. It is mind-boggling. These years of highschool have gone by so fast. I hope that all is well and that this website and the messages you read bring smiles to your faces... Your son Alan is very amazing, and I am glad that he has set this up for you. ( I love you Uncle Alan!!!!) I will write again soon. LOve - Rachel

P.S. - My mom says "hi" to both of you and hopes you are happy and well.

....Oh and I hope you are doing good too Uncle David...Email me sometime :) ....I miss all of you guys.

Posted by alfredhanscom at 7:22 PM EDT

Hi mom and dad, I am trying out Alan's new web site and it seems to be working. So I am trying to hook into it on a regular basis so I can write you some short notes. It also might stimulate you not to be so tech resistant as these computers are very easy to use. I am not very good at them but I can get around fairly well. Dad aren't you a fairly fast typist? Anyway Alan's web site seems to be working so I see if I can try it again this weekend. David

Posted by alfredhanscom at 1:21 AM EDT
Wednesday, 15 October 2003

Hi Mom and Dad! By the time you're reading this, the whole family will have gotten an email telling them about this way of sending messages back and forth with each other and with you. And I may be on the train by then! Love, Alan

Posted by alfredhanscom at 9:51 AM EDT

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