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The Hanscoms in 1955 (Laurel Street house in Newport, NH).

Julianne and Alfred were married November 22, 1951. In 2001 they celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. On June 28, 2007 Julianne passed away after extended illnesses.

In Memory of Julianne Hanscom, 1920-2007 ... a tribute (written by Bob) and her life in pictures (compiled by Alan).

Alfred and His Brothers: Seth Gordon Hanscom, Alfred C. Hanscom, and Argyle Edson Taylor Hanscom

Julianne, Her Brother Michael, and Their Parents: First picture taken in Bridgeport, Connecticut; second one taken in Brunswick, Maine some years later (note genealogy added to this page).

Alfred's Mother's Family (the Taubers): Charlotte is in the back row, far left.

Our house in Newport, New Hampshire and the Town Common: (look for the house with the eyes and the raised eyebrows!)

NEW: The Chatham Cemetery

Picture of Carol, taken in 1960.

Four generations, from oldest to youngest: Julia Kish Weaver, Julianne Weaver Hanscom, Carol Julie Charlene Hanscom Haney, and Lisa Haney Henson (Hendersonville, North Carolina -- 1983).

Fast forward to 2006 ... four generations again, this time Julianne Weaver Hanscom, Carol Julie Charlene Hanscom Haney, Laura Sarita Haney Sutton, and Abigail Sutton.